What is Effective Thinking for Change?
It is an integrated and holistic learning initiative which develops a way of thinking about one’s thinking in order to improve management decisions and relationships. It has an excellent track record.

This programme has been presented within the Abu Dhabi Government (UAE),in corporates and universities in South Africa as well as free of charge in impoverished communities.

The first tool of change is the mind.

The big problem is that most of us don’t see

  • Our everyday assumptions and the behaviours which reveal them
  • Our internal self talk
  • Our personal prejudices
  • Our mental judgements and criticisms and negative anticipations.

What we don’t know about, we have no reason to change (so we continue making the same mistakes).

These “dark glasses” make us ineffective as leaders, managers, parents, spouses and friends. They also cause us to be out of touch with ourselves.

Why is ETC valuable?
Change is a constant. However, few change programmes are based on the understanding that minds need to be prepared first. Unless participants are taught how to see things differently, change initiatives will fail. This fact is often ignored. ETC develops attitudes and thinking skills as a platform for any change initiative.

How do we do it?
Participants identify assumptions, attitudes and thinking habits which are making them ineffective.  They learn a simple thinking tool for improving decisions and relationships. It works. The intervention is designed in stages which encourage participants to learn and grow.

ETC Core (2 days) opens the door to two additional days which extend ETC skills in holding powerful conversations and handling conflict.
ETC Lite is a fun and practical 1 day condensation of ETC Core for lower levels.
ETC Centres of Influence refers to practical and useful one-hour refresher sessions for colleagues who have attended at least ETC Core.
Experienced facilitators may apply to become licensed ETC facilitators, qualified to deliver the Effective Thinking for Change suite of programmes.