“The techniques and rules you presented certainly form a comprehensive  tool for facing a situation, analysing, and solving any problem. Our experiences with situations on a daily basis are many, and applying those Four Rules you demonstrated led to amazing results.”

HE Ahmed Shareef
Under Secretary, Department of Municipal Affairs, AD

“The Effective Thinking For Change programme has come at the right time as an important tool in our hands as leaders to assist us in making a real change with wisdom. As responsible leaders we have to help ourselves and others to understand our role carefully in this transition period. I found this transformational thinking was useful for me in many areas where I have to:

  • Build the trust in me among the team
  • Build the team that believes in the change we want
  • Take the Department through the “Taskeen” project
  • Make the re-organisation of the Department an opportunity not a
  • threat to all staff.

Through all this we dealt with difficult people and difficult situations but yet by making the ETC tool work, it was easier for all of us to understand, appreciate and work together as responsible citizens to serve our great country.

Therefore I urge you to make ETC a part of our life style.”

HE Mohammed Omar Abdulla
Undersecretary, Department of Economic Development, AD

The course gave me a new perspective in my personal and professional life. The key words are change and change of mindset. Thank you for introducing me to a lifetime memorable experience!!! Money can’t buy the knowledge obtained.

Dr Linda Bailey
Clinical Executive, Johannesburg Hospital

“The Effective Thinking For Change training has changed me completely. I learned to be a better listener, to free my mind and look for positive points in people. I learned how to solve problems.”

HE Sheikh Abdulla bin Mohammed bin Butti Al Hamed
Ruler Representative, Western Region, AD

“The sense of freedom that comes with allowing one’s authentic self to come to light. Thanks for caring and sharing with us openly and being a fantastic role model. You are a mentor, guide and guru in many ways.”

Dr Melanie Skead
Senior Manager, Professional Staff Academic Development
Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa

“I have learned an excellent and powerful technique for resolving any complex situation in any environment involving human relationships. I am using Effective Thinking For Change at home, office and public.”

Dr Abdulla Ghareeb
Exec. Director, Property Management, DMA, AD

“It liberated my mind from the traditional limiting frames and references that traditionally controlled my reactions so I could try to find new venues to communicate and outreach for better understanding to each and every player in certain situations, and regain control of the events and reactions to the benefit of all participants.”

Dr Ehab Moustafa
Strategic Planning Manager, Family Development Foundation, AD

“I would like to thank you for opening my mind and expanding my knowledge by means of the Effective Thinking for Change (ETC) programme. It was really a very helpful and beneficial course to me and I am using the ETC tools. In my position as a Head of Finance, I used these skills when we had a 30% deduction in our budget at the Authority. Of course it is very difficult when it comes to money. People became very angry about the impact on their respective projects. Using the ETC tools enabled me to find a way of prioritising our projects according to the available budget. As a result, both sides felt comfortable and worked hard to prepare a plan for budget re-allocation.

These ETC tools helped me not to put myself in a prison and to look for a future plan. In addition, as a Manager, it helped me not to take decisions based on frustration and anger as well as giving people the freedom to express their ideas.”

Ali Obaid al Mansoori
Head of Finance
Health Authority of Abu Dhabi

“The Effective Thinking For Change course is extremely effective in advancing the participant’s communication and motivational skills to a better, improved level. We were provided with the keys to unlock our personal “prisons of unconscious thinking habits” then, by allowing us to speak of our individual experiences and struggles, we were able to practically apply the thinking skills model. I personally found these exercises most beneficial. If each of us takes these lessons back to the workplace, clarity, purposefulness, team spirit and motivation will inevitably improve in all our departments.”

Dr L. Usra Soffan
Director, Research Studies
National Centre for Documentation and Research, AD

“This course has STRETCHED my thinking limits to the extent that my vision and targets have widened. After taking the course I understood that it is not only a person’s knowledge that you should deal with, it is also the mind and the way of thinking which can open a lot of discussion and arguments between people. I hadn’t realised that transformational thinking is about skills to be developed and, once developed, that they would have such an impact on our overall performance at work. Getting out of the box is the new concept for the next generation.”

Dr. Mazen Naji
General Director
Zayed Complex for Herbal Research and Traditional Medicine, AD

“I always used to focus on the negative things about people. I never thought about the positive side of them, about the strengths they have and the ways they are using those good qualities without my seeing it. Effective Thinking for Change has become a driver in my life. It’s changed my personality, my mentality, my way of judging events and people. It’s helped me a lot.

I encourage everyone at work and at home to look at other aspects of the situation or of the person. It’s the greatest value I’ve ever received from a training programme.”

Abdul Karim Raeisi
GIS Manager, AD Systems and Information Centre

“This workshop helped us to improve our ability of thinking as leaders and to employ it effectively to inspire and influence our teams who could turn the strategy of the organisation into reality.

– Saeed Ghanem Bin Hamooda
Asst Undersecretary, Dept of Economic Development, AD

“As the leader of the strategic planning group in the federal UAE Ministry of Health, I feel that this workshop will give me great help in my current and future positions. My suggestion would be to open the possibility for other federal government employees to have the benefit of this workshop.”

– Dr Salem Al Darmaki
Ministry of Health, Federal Government, UAE

“I would like to thank you for this opportunity of attending the ETC workshop. I must say that this has been one of the best training courses I have received, both on a personal and professional level.”

Ali Al Mazrouei
Head, Corporate Support Services
Health Authority, Abu Dhabi

“I would like to emphasise that this is an excellent technique that anyone could learn and benefit from in different circumstances and at different levels.”

– Jassim Al Hammadi
Support Services Executive Director, AD Municipality

“I recommend this to all executive leaders and first-line and second-line managers.”

– Mohammed A. Mahjoub
Executive Director
Al Rayyan Human Resources and Management Consultancy, Abu Dhabi

“I’d recommend this workshop for all professional staff and specialists, and at a later stage to remaining employees at all levels.”

– Osama Al Massry
R&D, Gen. Secretariat, Abu Dhabi Government

“Tremendous course. Mind changing experience.”

– Hannes Pretorius
Sales Executive, Johannesburg

“The course gave me freedom and lifted me out of what I felt was a dark, depressing, insecure place – and all I had to do was change my thinking.”

– Pat Munnik
Film processing expert, Johannesburg

“The recognition of different people’s perspectives on life and how I can react to specific situations was presented really well and affected me in many ways. Different ways of communication to avoid an escalation of conflict can make me a better manager and result in a enhanced productivity in my professional as well as my personal life. The rules are both simple and effective and can be applied easily.

I wish you the best of success in training more people on this fabulous concept.”

– Usama B. Abu-Shaban, RPh, MBA
Head, Health Audit Section (Pharmacy)
Health Authority, Abu Dhabi

“Everything about this course was beneficial and a life-changing experience.”

– Rashed Salem Al Nuaimi
Deputy Director General, National Consultative Council, AD