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Shirley Roeloffze

Shirley feels privileged to have had the opportunity to deliver her programme, “Effective Thinking for Change,” (previously known as Transformational Thinking Skills) to hundreds of executives and senior managers in 27 departments and authorities within the Abu Dhabi Government, United Arab Emirates.

The brief was to deliver the programme in the context of the Abu Dhabi Government’s strategic goal of becoming one of the best five governments in the world within five years.

The first tool of change is the mind.

Click here to see stakeholders’ feedback on the Effective Thinking for Change (ETC) programme (both in South Africa and the United Arab Emirates).

Shirley graduated top of her university class in adult education (a long time ago!!) and has spent about 20 years consulting in the corporate environment. Her focus has been on creating learning experiences for all levels which are fun, energised, practical, reality-based and memorable.

She has created and delivered training programmes on a huge range of interpersonal and business skills for executives, management, staff and semi-literate workers.

On her personal road, Shirley has practised and taught meditation for over 30 years. She learned that asking the question, “What is the truth?” and being willing to consider perspectives beneath and beyond those which immediately present themselves delivers one from the prison of unconscious thinking habits. This release, and the ability to choose what to feel, think and do, especially in difficult circumstances, bestows the gifts of peace of mind and inner strength to handle tough situations.

She has been a spiritual counsellor for very many years and accepts the principles of “A Course in Miracles” as the basis of her life.

In May 2005, whilst sitting in a favourite spot overlooking a beautiful dam, Shirley realised that the time had come to blend her two worlds.

She recognised that there is an infinite need for people to understand in a practical way the inescapable link between their perceptions and associated behaviours. Vast numbers of individuals walk through life with blinkers on, blaming everyone else for what happens to them, blind to their own inner drivers.

Shirley feels strongly that this is tragic and unnecessary. Apart from resulting in appalling personal ineffectiveness and unhappiness, such mindsets spread resentment, anger and frustration into business and personal relationships. This results in huge costs of conflict and resistance to change.

Incorporating the best principles of adult learning in a corporate environment, she developed the Transformational Thinking Skills material (now known as Effective Thinking for Change). It achieves significant personal insight into previously unconscious perceptual habits and their implications for decision-making and behaviour.

This self-knowledge unlocks the door to sustained behaviour change in targeted development areas at work, at home and anywhere else.