Jokes and perceptual puzzles have a lot to teach us about views and opinions we hold and interpretations we make. Without being conscious of it, our perceptions drive everything we say and do. It is normal that huge new vistas of opportunity open up when we learn how to re-interpret events, situations and people in our lives. Have fun!

Check out this puzzle figure:

Are you looking up at it, or down at it? Try to see both directions.

What about this one?

Do you see black arrows or white arrows or both?  Some people can only see the black arrows, others only the white.

Both these illustrations teach us about perceptions and about life. It’s common that people get stuck in how they see a situation or a problem when there are many other equally valid ways of seeing it.

It’s pretty sure that you personally as well as work colleagues and family members are also stuck in ways of seeing and feeling about things which are causing pain, conflict and loss of all kinds. It’s easy to recognise what’s happening and fix it, if you want to.

So now…

What if:
Your assumptions about your business competitors are wrong and your strategy is in danger?

Or what if:
The way you and your colleagues do your work could be radically improved simply by seeing each other differently?

Or what if:
Some of the relationships you are in (in business and at home) are in trouble but you can’t or won’t see it?

Or what if:
Something has been worrying you desperately and it is in fact possible to feel at peace about it?

Or what if:
There is conflict at work or at home which could be quite easily solved if you knew how?

By recognising old thinking habits, assumptions, anger, prejudice, history, denial and learning how to move past them, you open up huge possibilities that have been totally blocked. It’s very simple – if you free your thought, you improve your decisions and relationships.

Once you can see how your feelings and mindsets affect what you choose to say and do, you really can start to take charge of your life. It’s the beginning of personal mastery.

It’s our privilege to help you do it.