Why we exist:

Would you also like to:

  • Think proactively, not reactively, in tight situations?
  • Reduce costs of conflict, misunderstanding and resistance to change?
  • Develop self-awareness about choices and actions in teams?

We are passionate about helping people to learn simple thinking skills which identify and remove barriers to their own levels of influence and effectiveness. The Effective Thinking for Change programme has a stellar track record of improving decisions and relationships.

These thinking skills are fundamental to success in:

  • change management initiatives
  • problem solving
  • organisational re-structuring
  • strategic planning
  • teamwork
  • leadership and management development

Anyone can learn to do this.

Effective Thinking for Change will help bring about sustained change in attitudes, opinions and behaviours.

Hourly and daily, people at every level of education and employment make terrible and often horrific decisions because they are stuck in what is no more than a point of view, an opinion or a mindset. This is just as true in the corporate arena, where not being fixated by assumptions or negativity or arrogance or power is a critical business skill.